Friday, May 30, 2008


Advice for Tenants

I don't usually give advice to tenants on this blog, but I was really impressed with some free brochures I picked up at the Metropolitan Tenants Organization at 1180 N. Milwaukee. They cover many important issues for both tenants and landlords about evictions, security deposits and leases, just to name a few. They also have a tenant hotline at 773-292-4988.
The Metropolitan Tenants Organization (MTO) will not help landlords, but you can always pick up some of the free brochures for advice for yourself. I recommend the one on security deposits. The laws in Illinois/Chicago are really tough when it comes to security deposits and how they are held and returned. Improper handling of a security deposit is the easiest way for a landlord to lose in court, and you will end up paying an additional penalty as well. MTO does list an Apartment Dispute Resolution Mediation Service 312-922-6464. If you are having problems with a tenant over rent you could try this service. It will probably be cheaper and faster than hiring a lawyer and going to court.

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